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The goal of Jacks or Better is to get a hand of five poker cards that are a winning combination. The best hand will give the highest payout (see the table of winnings on the machine). You can choose how many and which cards must be replaced. Cards can be replaced only once.

For playing:

· Choose the value of the token that you want to play with each hand by clicking on the + and – buttons on the left of the screen.

· Click on Play A Token or on Maximum Play to choose how many tokens you want to play. Each click on the Play A Token Button increases your stake of the selected token value. Pressing Maximum Play brings the bet to its maximum possible value – which is five tokens – and automatically distributes the cards. You can also click the appropriate column in the pay table to specify the amount of your bet.

· Click Distribute (if you have not already clicked Maximum Play).

· Choose the cards you want to keep by taking the “Hold” button under the card, or by clicking on the card itself.

· Click Distribute to replace the cards you have decided not to keep.

· If you do not get a winning combination, the round is over and you can start another one. If you get a winning combination instead, see the next section.

· The lowest winning combination is the pair.


If you finish a round with a winning hand, you can either accept the winnings (press Collect), or you can double it. In this case you have to press Double up, the dealer discovers a card and distributes 4 blankets between which you have to choose. If you choose a card that is lower than the dealer’s, you lose the original winnings. If the cards are the same, the bet is Flat, so you have the option of withdrawing your winnings again (press Cash Out) or you can try Doubling again. If your card is higher, your payout is doubled. Then you’ll have the chance to cash in again or try a further doubling.

You can also choose the Doubling Medium, which means you can only double half of your winnings while the remaining part immediately adds to your balance. You can not double down or access the Doubling Medium if your winnings exceed 2000.

You can move the doubling window (if you have enabled this feature in the Options section) by dragging it with the mouse. Doubling is a game in itself and can be seen as such in chronology. During doubling, the counter displays the bet amount for doubling: the total or half of the winnings earned during the last round. The winnings counter displays the
amount of winnings of the current lap.

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