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Types of Slot Machines

Often referred to as a basic casino game, the slot machine game is more elaborate than one might think. It’s not just about choosing a machine and operating the handle! And there is a real interest in knowing exactly what type of slot machine you are about to play.

There are three main ones: the basic slot machine, the progressive one, and the electronic MAS. Naturally in the world of online slot machines, there are only the first two categories. However, knowing the different types of machine is not enough. There are also machines with multiple gain lines, or with several possible coil combinations, just to complicate things. But do not worry – this page has been written to give people a chance to understand the world of slot machines a little better.

The basic MAS (straight or basic slot)
Contrary to what assumes its name, there are different models. This category of slot machines is determined by the nature of its jackpot. If the jackpot of the machine is fixed and does not increase according to the money that the players put on this machine, it is said that it is a basic MAS. Basic MAS is known to offer smaller but more frequent payouts, which is ideal for players who want to play for a long time on a limited budget.

Basic MAS can also have multiple lines of play and multiple reels. The classic slot machine has a single line of play, on which a sequence of three images in the center of three reels is displayed. Adding other lines of play means taking into account not only the centerline, but also the lines that appear on the top and bottom edges of the reels, like other possible lines of play. Thus, if you did not win on the center line, but the symbols above the normal line of play are three times the number “7”, you can still win. The majority of multi-line machines activate a line of play for each coin that you enter into the machine.

Progressive MAS
Unlike the basic MAS, the amount of the jackpot, on progressive slots, increases according to the money they collect. The principle is similar to that of the lottery: the greater the number of people who play, the more the jackpot increases – until someone wins. Progressive gain machines usually show the amount of the jackpot at the top of the machine. As you play, this number increases before your eyes because the bets made by other players on other progressive MAS are added to the amount of the jackpot. Once a jackpot is taken off, that number drops back to its lowest threshold and then starts to rise again. A progressive slot machine often requires that

As a general rule, you should always take note of the progress of the jackpot of the machine you are playing on. If the potential gain increases dramatically in the space of one, two, or three stakes, it can be very profitable to bet more.

Can you really make money playing slot machines? A question that comes up frequently on the Internet: can we really make money playing slot machines? While it seems unlikely that anyone has the means to deliver real gains, today the online world has changed the expectations of players.

Why you have to give up table games for the benefit of MAS: Those who play slot machines do so for a number of reasons. But they have one in particular. No other game gives the opportunity to turn a small bet into a life-changing gain. Standard table games (which offer no possibility of progressive wagering or bonuses) do not win big on a single bet.

Progressive Slots: How to Play Smart: With progressive slots, jackpots are built up as money is played in the machine. The progressive gain machine can be part of a network of machines all offering the same jackpot, and contributing a portion of the total amount of winnings.

Slot Machines and Return on Investment: Although they are the most popular form of gambling in the world, most people prefer to focus on the entertaining side of slot machines, without worrying about their function. The experts agree that it would be good for your portfolio that you agree to take a closer look at their repayment percentage.

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