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Rules of poker at the casino

Poker comes in various variants, but if you know the basic rules of poker, you are ready to play all the pokers.

The number of cards dealt to players varies according to the type of poker practiced. Let’s focus on traditional poker, where players receive five cards each.

First of all, you need to know that poker requires a deck of 52 cards. The cards are classified in a specific order, either by color or according to the order of value of the cards. The “2” is the lower card, the Ace being the top card of the game. The card deck consists of four colors, no color prevailing another. A poker hand consists of five cards. It’s the best hand at the gaming table that wins. Some variants of poker use jokers, however it is better to know the different combinations of poker without joker.

Poker hands
1 straight flush: A straight flush is the strongest natural hand (“natural” to say that it is obtained without a winning card or a wild card). The flush is the combination of a suite and a color. All cards are the same color and are consecutive. The ranking of suites is determined by the value of the superior card of the suite. A royal flush is a flush straight whose top card is an Ace.

2 square: the four cards have the same value (4 valets or 4 “7”). The square is the second strongest hand in poker.

3 full: the full consists of a set and a pair, three identical cards on one side and two other identical cards on the other side. Example of full: three “7” and 2 kings. To decide between two full, just watch the set because it is impossible to have two identical sets in a deck of cards.

4 color: all cards are the same color. Color example: 2, 4, 5, 8 and king of clubs. The top card is used to determine which color is superior in the event of a tie between two players.

5 sequel: A sequel includes five consecutive cards. Attention: D, R, As, 2, 3 do not constitute a continuation. In case of a tie, the best result wins. In case of a tie, the pot is separated between the two players.

6 three of a kind: three identical cards constitute a set. Example: 6 clover, 6 peak, 6 of diamonds. In case of a tie, the best trip wins.

7 double pair: two separate pairs. Example: pair of 4 and pair of ladies. In case of a tie, the best pair wins.

8 Pair: two identical cards.

Strong card: if you have no pair, no suit, no color, the strong card in your hand is the top card. When two players have no pair, no suit, no color, the winner of both is determined by the strongest card of both hands. If both players have the same top card, the second card is the strongest. The colors are not important to decide between the two players.

Now that you know the different combinations of poker, you need to become familiar with the game and the bets. Most pokers start with an initial bet, usually called Ante, which is relatively small. All the money bet is placed in a common pot, in the center of the table. The player who has the best hand at the end of the betting round, wins the pot.

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