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How to play Baccarat ?

There are several varieties of baccarat. We will give a preview a little further down. We will present here the classic baccarat or “railroad”.
Classic baccarat opposes two games, one holding the bank (the banker), the other representing the players (the pundits). The bank is held by a player and can change hands at will. Each party has a certain freedom of decision.
A dealer assists the operations, mixes the cards and proceeds to the payment of the winnings in order to avoid any attempt of cheating. However, it is the banker who ditribue the cards: first to himself and then to the players (2 cards face down). These cards are drawn from

The goal of the game is to do better than the banker by totaling the face values ??of cards that we have in hand and returning always to unity. The value of the cards is as follows: The Ace is 1, the 2 is 2, … The figures are not worth anything.

Example: You have an 8 and a 7 that are 15. So we only remember the unit is 5. The maximum can only be 9, the minimum of 0 what is called a “baccarat”.

If the total entry score is 8 or 9, the player must show it. If not, he may or may not ask for an additional card that will be served face up. When a player bets as much as the banker, he is said to be “banco”. The games are then compared and the one with the highest total wins. In the case of identical totals, there is a tie.

There are 3 varieties of baccarat:
the classic game with only 1 board, called railroad;
– the game with 2 tables, called baccarat bank;
– the American version, called punto-banco or baccarat Nevada.

The bank baccarat is played on 2 boards simultaneously, the banker distributing the cards once on the right board, once on the board on the left. Each table represents a virtual player. The game takes place almost like the railroad, but following the order of the tables.

In Las Vegas, a simpler version, now adopted almost everywhere, has become known as punto-banco (Nevada baccarat). The main difference is that the banker must follow stricter rules.

Knowledge of probabilities makes it possible to optimize one’s strategy. Experts have calculated that the banker had a slight mathematical advantage: 1.15% to the railroad, 0.84% ??to baccarat bank, 1.27% to punto-banco, according to the calculations of Russell T. Barnhart.

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