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Not only is making hockey betting picks simple, fun, and potentially profitable, it is also easier to do than imagined. With some simple basic knowledge you can easily establish yourself ahead of the pack and make money with your hockey betting picks.

First, do not underestimate the oddsmakers. There is a common misconception that the NHL lines are always weak and based on ill-informed oddsmakers’ work. That is simply not the case, particularly now that there is an explosive growth in overall gambling. Beyond that, hockey betting picks have been a common staple of sportsbooks since Wayne Gretzky arrived at Los Angeles to play for the Kings in 1988. Upon Gretzky’s arrival, gambling on hockey became cool in Las Vegas and has maintained a level of acceptance ever since. With that comes increased knowledge.

Beyond the fact that hockey betting picks are more common and mainstream than they were a generation ago, it is also important to understand that hockey bettors are amongst the most sophisticated in any sport. The oddsmakers, in fact, are extra careful with the NHL lines precisely because they realize that the hockey betting picks of the “sharps” are quality selections based on in depth knowledge and feel.

While it is important to respect the line when analyzing potential hockey betting picks it is also just as important to exercise patience and to realize that due to the high volume of games that there will be bad lines and excellent values, if only one can wait for it.

Forcing hockey betting picks is a sure way to lose money and to end up without a bankroll in short order. There are simply too many games on the board to be making out laundry lists of hockey betting picks night after night and its best to try and focus only on the absolute top plays.

The oddsmakers have a good feel for what the general wagering populace will do with their hockey betting picks and have their lines set and ready based on public perception.

Making hockey betting picks requires an open mind and long range vision.

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