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Basics of Hockey Gambling Picks


While the National Hockey League’s return to action in 2005-06 was highly successful on the ice and at the gate, the minuscule television ratings would make one thing that there is a small amount of hockey gambling picks at offshore betting sites but that is not necessarily the case. Although there are far fewer dollars generated on hockey gambling picks than on all of the other sports, there is an increased interest in NHL betting that culminated with the exciting Stanley Cup Finals of 2006.

Making hockey gambling picks is much like making baseball gambling picks in that the money line is the main source of side betting. Just as in baseball you can make hockey betting picks against the over/under total lines.

Much like in baseball, you cannot make a living at hockey gambling picks by constantly playing the big name teams and heavy home favorites as the oddsmakers are acutely aware that this is how most of the mass public makes their hockey betting picks and therefore they charge premium prices on quality teams as home favorites, much as they do in other sports.

Making good hockey betting picks is, again, much like baseball in that a team’s goaltending is as important in hockey as the pitching staff is in baseball. It is important to get to know a team’s goaltending but also its defensemen and style of play as even the best goaltenders are useless without strong help in front of them.

With the “New NHL” and its emphasis on offense, this has changed the way gamblers go about making over under selections. Goal scoring was up over one goal per game in 2005-06 than compared to the last season, (2003-04). Making hockey gambling picks against the over/under board is a new science that many gamblers are still adjusting too.

Hockey gambling picks can be made from October through the Stanley Cup Finals in June. NHL hockey is one of the longest seasons of all sports and a gambler that is patient has a good opportunity for profit potential and finding weak lines. Making hockey gambling picks can add to the excitement of a sport that roared back with a vengeance in 2006 and offers gamblers yet another great way to make money.

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